Style Notes: London

I recently traveled to London, and I'd like to share with you the notes on the differing styles between London, and what I typically see here on the east coast.

Overall, the women in London are better put together than the men, and better put together than women are in America. Long coats, Adidas sneakers, and the ever popular Chelsea boots were clear favorites of many Londoners. (Standouts in sneakers were the recognizable silhouettes of Sambas and Gazelles. For boots, the harder to spot Blundstone brand seemed favored.)Adidas SambaBlundstone Boots

The men are worse dressed than their American counterparts. Lots of puffer coats, cuffed jeans, tight sweats, track bottoms, and AirMaxes. There were three basic male archetypes I saw absolutely everywhere: posh walking Banana Republic ads, typical British geezers, and streetwear hypebeasts.


Airmax 95Supreme x North Face Puffer CoatNike Track Pants

Oddly, there weren't a lot of soccer (sorry- football) jerseys out and about, other than at the matches themselves. Not a lot of workwear either. Which differs greatly from America's love of Carhartt and Dickies.

Carhartt WIP Detroit JacketLiverpool FC Soccer Jersey


It was really interesting seeing British people wearing what most would consider stereotypical American outfits... Strange to see someone sporting an FSU hoodie on the streets of London. Leave the sweatpants and college gear to us!

One thing I particularly enjoyed about the British style, were the amount of waxed Barbour jackets I saw. While that can definitely be attributed to the daily rain, it was still cool to see nonetheless.


Barbour Waxed Jacket

(Also, I saw subway advertisements everywhere for Shein's Black Friday sale... Isn't their entire business model a fucking Black Friday sale?)

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If only the Brits were as stylish as you

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