Trend Analysis: September '23

Two of the bigger trends I've been able to identify (thanks to my TikTok for you page) has been the resurgence of 'old money' style and what the kids are calling 'bloke core'.


Newer brands like ALD, Noah, Corridor NYC, and countless others have taken inspiration from brands like Ralph Lauren and created a modern revolution with preppy-esque style. While you don't want to buy trendy pieces just to follow them, things from this recent trend like knit/wool sweaters, blazers, pleats, and long coats will never go out of style. Below are a few examples from what we have in stock that match this aesthetic.



As for 'bloke core', it mainly revolves around a good pair of denim and a soccer jersey. A classic look that I've been wearing for years, which won't be changing anytime soon.

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